Ptelina carnuta
Pentila pauli
Pentila petreoides
Pentila petreia
Pentila picena
Pentila phidia
Pentila hewitsonii
Telipna acraea
Telipna semirufa
Telipna maesseni
Ornipholidotos nigeriae
Ornipholidotos onitshae
Ornipholidotos irwini
Ornipholidotos issia
Ornipholidotos tiassale
Ornipholidotos nympha
Torbenia wojtusiaki
Mimacraea neurata
Mimacraea darwinia
Mimacraea maesseni
Mimeresia libentina
Mimeresia moyambina
Mimeresia debora
Mimeresia semirufa
Mimeresia cellularis
Mimeresia issia
Pseuderesia eleaza
Eresiomera bicolor
Eresiomera isca
Eresiomera jacksoni
Eresiomera petersi
Citrinophila marginalis
Citrinophila similis
Citrinophila erastus
Eresina maesseni
Eresina pseudofusca
Eresina saundersi
Eresina theodori
Argyrocheila undifera
Liptena submacula
Liptena griveaudi
Liptena simplicia
Liptena tiassale
Liptena albicans
Liptena alluaudi
Liptena fatima
Liptena pearmani
Liptena ferrymani
Liptena septistrigata
Liptena evanescens
Liptena xanthostola
Liptena rochei
Liptena flavicans
Liptena seyboui
Liptena similis
Liptena helena
Liptena catalina
Kakumia otlauga
Falcuna leonensis
Falcuna campimus
Tetrarhanis symplocus
Tetrarhanis baralingam
Tetrarhanis stempfferi
Larinopoda aspidos
Larinopoda eurema
Micropentila adelgitha
Micropentila adelgunda
Micropentila dorothea
Micropentila brunnea
Micropentila mamfe
Iridana incredibilis
Iridana ghanana
Iridana exquisita
Iridana nigeriana
Iridana hypocala
Hewitsonia boisduvalii
Hewitsonia occidentalis
Hewitsonia inexpectata
Cerautola crowleyi
Cerautola ceraunia
Epitola posthumus
Epitola uranoides
Epitola urania
Cephetola cephena
Cephetola pinodes
Cephetola subcoerulea
Cephetola mercedes
Cephetola obscura
Cephetola sublustris
Cephetola maesseni
Cephetola collinsi
Hypophytala hyettoides
Hypophytala hyettina
Hypophytala henleyi
Hypophytala benitensis
Phytala elais
Geritola gerina
Geritola virginea
Stempfferia cercene
Stempfferia moyambina
Stempfferia dorothea
Stempfferia leonina
Stempfferia ciconia
Stempfferia zelza
Stempfferia michelae
Stempfferia kholifa
Stempfferia staudingeri
Aethiopana honorius
Epitolina dispar
Epitolina melissa
Epitolina catori
Naeveia lamborni
Iridana incredibilis
Incredible Sapphire Gem
Ecology and habitat:
The species is known to be a forest butterfly but it is also recorded from Aburi Botanical Gardens which is a parkland with several old trees with Crematogaster ants. The imagos tend to stay in the canopy, but rarely they can be observed displaying at furious speed when they come down to ground level. Females lay their eggs solitarily around Crematogaster ant nests and ant runs, the caterpillars stay close to the nest, where they hide under a slik web during the day and they feed on algae during the night hours or early morning. They pupate in their web, emerge about 08.00 in the morning.
Distribution in Ghana:
The species is known from the Aburi Botanical Gardens and Chirano Forest Reserve. It probably occurs in many forests in Ghana but being a rare canopy dwelling species it is not easy to come by.
Outside of Ghana it is known from Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ivory Coast, souther Nigeria, Cameroon, Congo (Zaire) and Uganda (Larsen, 2005)
The specimens shown on the photographs were collected at light (125 W Mercury Vapour Lamp) during moth collecting, the same night in Chirano (near Bibiani WR), while the specimens shown on nature photo was found in Aburi Botanical Gardens (ER) on the light of the guesthouse. It indicates some kind of night activity of the species, as it is hard to believe that they've been this frequently disturbed by the light high up in the cover of the canopy . Other specimens were also collected on moth sheet. Larsen (2005) suspects Iridana rougeoti to be this species.