Harma theobene
Cymothoe fumana
Cymothoe egesta
Cymothoe lurida
Cymothoe aubergeri
Cymothoe herminia
Cymothoe weymeri
Cymothoe caenis
Cymothoe althea
Cymothoe jodutta
Cymothoe coccinata
Cymothoe mabillei
Cymothoe ?sangaris?
Pseudoneptis bugandensis
Pseudacraea eurytus
Pseudacraea boisduvalii
Pseudacraea lucretia
Pseudacraea warburgi
Pseudacraea hostilia
Pseudacraea semire
Neptis nemetes
Neptis metella
Neptis serena
Neptis kiriakoffi
Neptis morosa
Neptis loma
Neptis angusta
Neptis alta
Neptis seeldrayersi
Neptis puella
Neptis conspicua
Neptis najo
Neptis metanira
Neptis continuata
Neptis nysiades
Neptis nicomedes
Neptis quintilla
Neptis paula
Neptis strigata
Neptis nicoteles
Neptis nicobule
Neptis mixophyes
Neptis nebrodes
Neptis trigonophora
Neptis agouale
Neptis melicerta
Neptis troundi
Catuna crithea
Catuna niji
Catuna oberthueri
Catuna angustatum
Euryphura togoensis
Euryphura chalcis
Hamanumida daedalus
Aterica galene
Cynandra opis
Euriphene incerta
Euriphene barombina
Euriphene veronica
Euriphene grosesmithi
Euriphene simplex
Euriphene amicia
Euriphene aridatha
Euriphene coerulea
Euriphene ernestibaumanni
Euriphene gambiae
Euriphene ampedusa
Euriphene leonis
Euriphene atossa
Euriphene doriclea
Bebearia lucayensis
Bebearia tentyris
Bebearia osyris
Bebearia carshena
Bebearia absolon
Bebearia zonara
Bebearia mandinga
Bebearia oxione
Bebearia abesa
Bebearia barce
Bebearia mardania
Bebearia cocalia
Bebearia paludicola
Bebearia sophus
Bebearia arcadius
Bebearia laetitia
Bebearia phantasina
Bebearia demetra
Bebearia maledicta
Bebearia ashantina
Bebearia cutteri
Medoniana medon
Euphaedra gausape
Euphaedra mariaechristinae
Euphaedra xypete
Euphaedra hebes
Euphaedra diffusa
Euphaedra crossei
Euphaedra crockeri
Euphaedra eusemoides
Euphaedra cyparissa
Euphaedra sarcoptera
Euphaedra themis
Euphaedra laboureana
Euphaedra minuta
Euphaedra modesta
Euphaedra janetta
Euphaedra splendens
Euphaedra aberrans
Euphaedra vetusta
Euphaedra ceres
Euphaedra phaethusa
Euphaedra inanum
Euphaedra ignota
Euphaedra francina
Euphaedra eleus
Euphaedra zampa
Euphaedra edwardsii
Euphaedra ruspina
Euphaedra perseis
Euphaedra harpalyce
Euphaedra eupalus
Euptera crowleyi
Euptera elabontas
Euptera dorothea
Euptera zowa
Pseudathyma falcata
Pseudathyma sibyllina
Bebearia cocalia
Common Palm Forester
Ecology and habitat:
Distribution in Ghana:
The Nigerian cocalia (shown on the nature pictures) represents a distinct subspecies ssp. continentalis, which strongly differs from that of Ghana one ssp. cocalia, though similar specimens can occur in the Volta Region in Ghana (Larsen pers. comm.).